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Certified-Organic-logo-no-branding-green-and-whiteImmortality Alchemy was the very first provider of fresh Royal Jelly that is certified organic. Many companies have imitated that standard since then… but have yet to go through the trouble to emulate how we treat our bees.

Most companies feed their bees sugar water, we feed them honey… which is their natural food.


Reishi-mushroom-growing-immortality-alchemy-500pxImmortality Alchemy has spent years researching and perfecting our cultivation techniques.  While modern cultivation techniques allow you to grow higher yields of mushrooms, they don’t guarantee better results.

We use the techniques that people used thousands of years ago in ancient China.  These provide Reishi mushrooms that are much more potent.

Rather than feeding the mushrooms rotting logs, we feed them many super foods, such as Goji Berries.  There are over 40 superfoods and herbs that we use to feed our Reishi mushrooms.  It takes more work to raise them this way, but our Spirit Reishi is not just a master herb, but a supercharged master herb!

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Immortality Alchemy was born of necessity.  Our founder, Sean Gardner, was run over by a car and hospitalized. He quickly realized that the opiates that the doctors were feeding him kept the pain away, but were suppressing his being.  He was tired and rude, and this would not do.

He started to research how to heal more quickly, and thus discovered many things that can be done through nutrition, and then things really sped up when he got into the Chinese Master Herbs.

Sean was able to walk within 2 months, even though the doctors told him that it would take 5 months.  He realized quickly that this was life-changing, and has since dedicated his life to not only finding the best herbs, but also to finding the best ways to cultivate them, so that the people who use them will not just mark on a checklist that they take vitamins, but rather that they will know they are changing their lives.

Our longevity supplements and products have helped in productivity, healing, focus, stamina, muscle growth, adrenal fatigue recovery, and fertility.

Legally we have to say that the FDA did not approve these statements, so.. there.. we said it.  But we do know the results that we and our clients have gotten, and continue to get with our fresh royal jelly and other products.

Our products are so potent that people in China are ordering them! Experience the benefits of royal jelly and our other longevity products for yourself by shopping with us today!