This delicious drink will keep you going for many hours, balance out the some of the drawbacks of drinking coffee straight all day, and at the same time nourish brain…. All while drinking your favorite beverage, coffee.

This is the one “formula” / tweak that has majorly boosted what I thought to be possible with my own productivity and clarity of thought.

It is simple, elegant and isn’t some bizarre new ritual you need to incorporate in your everyday routine.

That is why I felt so brilliant (calm down ego…) in making a few small tweaks to my coffee.
The main gist of an upcoming book I have been writing is how to make everyday foods more medicinal and beneficial to your health.
Well, I figured why not start with coffee?

Consider this…

More than half of all adults in the US drink coffee every day.


The consumption per capita is about 2 cups per person, per day.

That is an uphill battle to tell people to not drink coffee…. Why even bother?

So, instead of fighting against the stream and trying to get you to drink green vegetable juice (which is wonderful, don’t get me wrong…. but it ain’t the same cup of awesome), I figure it is a lot easier to show you how to make your coffee healthier (…. and it’s because I’m lazy  😀 ).

So, here it is… my version of a caffè latte (I took out a few ingredients in the full recipe for simplicity) :

Reishi Caffè Latte

4 cups freshly brewed hot coffee (still HOT!)

2 tablespoons unrefind and fresh coconut oil

1 tablespoon reishi mushroom extract

5 to 10 drops coconut or English toffee flavored liquid stevia extract (optional)

3 tablespoons heavy raw cream (optional, omit if you want your coffee black or non-dairy )

1 to 2 teaspoons sunflower lecithin

Put everything in a blender and turn on high for 20 seconds. Pour a cup and enjoy as it cools.

This is my trimmed down version of a “superfood” coffee recipe. I promise I will give you the full version when the book is ready, but for now this will certainly deliver the goods.

A little caffeine, some healthy essential oils, and an immune-building medicinal mushroom first thing in morning…  Yeah, that’s what got me really stoked into thinking that I might be able to really pull off this book….

Something that adds in a little bit more “medicine” into your diet, one bite / sip at a time.

Hopefully you agree!

Please let me know how you enjoy it (shoot me an email at [email protected]… I read every email 🙂 ).

Looking forward to hearing your experience with my little coffee secret!